Hucer 2022 Abstract of the Conference

Education in a Changing World – Research, Innovation, Development

Education has gone through an unprecedented transformation, but it must return to the centre after the tidal wave of changes we have experienced over the past decade. The most significant challenges facing our sector in the short term are to provide to teach our students to think and train our teachers along with the following trends:

  • Content and curricula
  • Evaluation
  • Learning practices
  • Teaching Practices
  • Organization
  • Communities, culture and art in the world of education and learning
  • Leadership and values
  • Education and learning in disadvantaged settings
  • Connectivity
  • Physical and technological infrastructures

The aforementioned trends naturally affect the world of education and motivate educational trends intended to create suitable and up-to-date solutions to the changing reality. In this conferende we tend to shape future trends in education, based on historical antecedens. An understanding of these trends will help formulate a solution and paths for action that will promote education and society in accordance with the needs of the 21st century. We invite the conference participants to contribute to elaborate these topics with their research outcomes and presentations!